One word substitutions part -3


By devendra sir 

1. Mortuary- A room where dead bodies are kept until burial 

2. Foreman- Chief of a group of workmen 

3. Feud- Bitter quarrel between two families existing for a long period 

4. Extempore- with little or no preparation or forethought 

5. Mercenary- One who will do any job for anymore for money

6. Posthumous- A child born after a death of father 

7. Teetotaller- A person who completely abstains from alcohol 

8. Invertebrate- Animal without a back bone 

9. Regicide- The act of killing a king 

10. Radiation- Emission of light of heat from a central point 

11. Incredible- That which can’t be believed 

12. Nepotism- Favouritism shown by a person in power to his relatives 

13. Circumlocution- A round about way of expression 

14. Autobiography- A record of one’s own life written by one self 

15. Contemporary- Belong to the same period 

16. Eavesdropper- One who listen secretly to private conversation 

17. Ineptness- Lack of skill 

18. Pestle- Stick with a thick end used in a mortar for pounding 

19. Referendum- An act when people vote in order to make a decision about a particular subject or policy rather than Voting for a person 

20. Dermatology- The study of skin 

21. Unanimously- With one voice 

22. Soporific- Drug which causes people to sleep easily 

23. Aesthetics- The branch of philosophy concerned with 
the study of the principles of beauty especially in art 

24. Tartar- A rough violent troublesome person 

25. Gallant- A brave noble minded or chivalrous man

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