One word substitutions part -4

-------------------------Set 04-----------------
By Devendra sir 

1. Rites- An established ceremony prescribed by a religion 

2. Inevitable- That which cannot be averted 

3. Orchestra- A large body of people playing various musical instrument 

4. Compositors- One who sets type for books, newspaper 

5. Peninsula- a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water. 

6. Barracks- A place where soldiers live 

7. Numismatist- A man who collects old and new coins 

8. Clientele- Regular users of places restaurant 

9. Observatory- A place where astronomical observations are made 

10. Sororicide- The killing of one's sister. 

11. Pilferage- Act of stealing something in small quantities 

12. Occidental- Pertaining to the west
13. Inscribe- Write arcane words on stone or paper
14. Insolvent- Unable to pay one’s debt 

15. Harass- Trouble and annoy continually 

16. Novice- A person who is new to a profession 

17. Erudition- That which makes one highly knowledgeable 

18. Alienation- A state of emotional or intellectual separation
19. Obituary- A notice of a person’s death 

20. Gregarious- A person or animal that lives in groups 

21. Sedulous- Hard working and diligent 

22. Journey- A act of travelling from one place to another 

23. Obsolete- The thing no longer in use 

24. Embezzlement- Missappropriation

25. Colleague- A person who is working in the same institution

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