Parallelism Shortcuts Rules

Parallelism Rules:
समानांतरवाद नियम:

Item in a series must be parallel : I mean, they must have the same Grammatical form. 

एक श्रृंखला में आइटम समानांतर होना चाहिए: मेरा मतलब है, उनके पास समान व्याकरणिक रूप होना चाहिए।

Nouns :
  • He Likes music, art, and science. वह संगीत, कला और विज्ञान पसंद करते हैं।

Gerunds :

  • He likes dancing, Swimming, and painting. उन्हें डांसिंग, स्विमिंग और पेंटिंग करना पसंद है (Verb + Ing Form)
Adjectives :
  • He is tall, cool, and handsome. वह लंबा, शांत और सुंदर है। (Adj)
  • They wanted to paint, the living room, to lay a new carpet, and to buy a new sofa. वे पेंट करना चाहते थे, लिविंग रूम, एक नया कालीन बिछाना और एक नया सोफा खरीदना चाहते थे (Infin)
Past Tense :
भूत काल
  • The British conquered, colonized, and governed much of the world.(अंग्रेजों ने विश्व के अधिकांश हिस्सों पर विजय प्राप्त की, उपनिवेश बनाए और शासन किया) 
Past Perfect Tense :
पूर्ण भूतकाल

He had finished the game, had taken a shower, and had eaten lunch by the time I went to his house.उन्होंने खेल समाप्त कर लिया था, स्नान कर लिया था, और जब तक मैं उनके घर गया, दोपहर का भोजन कर लिया। 

Note : The auxiliary "had" may be omitted in the second and the third verb phrases.
The structure joined by and, but, as, or then, or although must have the same grammatical form.

And (तथा):
He enjoyed the music of spain and the sculpture of France (N PHRASE)
But (परंतु) :
That verb form is not active, but passive (Adj)
As जैसा:
Taking the bus can be as costly as taking a plane (V + Ing)
Or या :
He wanted to borrow a car or to rent one while his car was being repaired. (Infin)
Than से :
Eating in a restaurant is more fun than cooking at home
Although हालांकि:
Although he liked to eat good food, he did not like to pay high prices for it. (Infin)
Now lets see some Examples :
  • ☓Her husband had bought a car, found a job, and choose a school for the children before she arrived.
  • ✔Her husband had bought a car, found a job, and chosen a school for the children before she arrived.
  • ☓That soup should not be served hot, but at a cold temperature.
  • ✔That soup should not be served hot, but cold.
  • ☓Renting and apartment can be as expensive as to buy a house.
  • ✔Renting an apartment can be as expensive as buying a house.
  • ☓He is young, intelligent, and has charm.
  • ✔He is young, intelligent, and charming.
  • ☓She likes to read, to travel and blogging.
  • ✔She likes to read, to travel, and to blog.

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